July 22, 2016. The day that many businesses in Tamil Nadu declared a holiday for their employees. What was the occasion? Only the release of Tamil cinema's superstar Rajinikanth's new film, Kabali. The Indian film industry is pretty huge. And hero-worship of film stars is likewise a prominent part of Indian culture. Just about every …

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Dust and doctors

The dust. I was warned about the dust. I was told that I'd have to have my house cleaned once a week because it just gets everywhere. With the idea in my head of India as this dry dusty country, I had assumed the dust I was warned about was like... dirt-road kind of dust. …

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Second Language, Foreign Language, and World Englishes

Note: This post suddenly got quite long and may have gotten a bit didactic. When I originally began writing it, it was to reflect on what was covered in our on-site orientation a few days ago. It includes information from that session, ramblings from my own personal linguistic interests, and references to comments made by …

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