Wedding Preparations, Part 3: Beauty

With the logistics in place and arrangements coordinated, it was time to think about the accessories. Dress Shopping for saris was one of the more surreal parts of planning for the wedding. Of course, I’ve been conditioned with Say Yes to the Dress, and this idea of going with at least a couple of other …

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Wedding Preparations, Part 2: Arrangements

After setting our wedding date, there was still a lot of planning that needed to be done. I often was not convinced that we would get it all done in 3 months, but no one else (except my mother) seemed that concerned. So I let my in-laws handle it, and in the end, of course, …

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Wedding Preparations, Part 1: Logistics

In the U.S., the time and care and planning that you put into a wedding is culturally amplified as highly crucial. We have professional wedding planners, thematic Pinterest pages, mail-order magazines, and trade shows. There’s not only Say Yes To The Dress (classic) but also that really weird and recently-renewed TV show Four Weddings, where …

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