Greetings, friends, family, and visitors! Welcome to my blog!

PostcardsFromPondicherry began as a way to share my experiences as a Fulbright-Nehru English Teaching Assistant in Pondicherry, India. It was originally meant both to keep my friends and family updated on my adventures, and as a resource for prospective, future, or even current ETAs who may be looking for perspectives on the experience.

My Fulbright grant officially lasted between July 2016 and March 2017. After doing some travelling and heading back to the U.S. for a couple of months, I returned to Pondicherry in July 2017 and have since gotten married to Pondicherry-native husband.

The blog has evolved from being about my teaching and travel experience to one which provides both reflective commentary on life in India and shares my personal experiences with marriage into Tamil Indian family.

I also use it as personal creative side-project for when I’m bored to writing freelance articles about perfumes, plumbing contractors, different varieties of master’s degrees, government assistance programs, or state-level recreation and tourism (my “main” gig). It’s also a sort of digital portfolio I keep, in case anyone wants to hire me to write about language, culture, food, movies, etc. (anyone? smiling-face-with-open-mouth-and-smiling-eyes )

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Sarah and I’m originally from Pennsylvania, USA. I know it’s kind of anti-blogging, but I do try not to reveal too much personal information in my posts, so you won’t see many (like, any) pictures of me, my husband, or our family. My purpose still is to share some stories about what it is like to live as a foreigner, and now as a foreign wife, in India, which I hope gives some interesting perspective for all of you readers out there.

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Official Disclaimer: 

This is not an official Department of State website or blog, and the views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program of the U.S. Department of State.

For more information about the Fulbright program, please visit us.fulbrightonline.org.