A House in the Village

Since I left Pondicherry last July, I’ve been trying to think how to continue this blog while living in New York. They aren’t exactly Postcards from Pondicherry if I’m writing from New York, so I’m considering how I might restructure the format and goals of the blog. But for now, I’m back in Pondicherry for …

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Touring the houses of God

Religious tourism is always something that I've had some qualms about. That is, going to churches, temples, mosques, or synagogues, just to see them, even if you don't follow that particular faith. Certainly, there may be architectural or historic reasons to visit such places, and it's never a bad thing to learn about or experience …

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Six out of 1000: A Temple Tour of Kanchi

Kanchipuram: the city of one thousand temples, about a three-hour bus ride from Pondicherry. Last weekend, the Pondy and Kanchi Fulbrighters met up to join a group of Chennai-based scholars and history/heritage/architecture enthusiasts for a tour of six Vishnu temples in Kanchipuram. Now, I will say right off the bat, that I was coming on …

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