Cultures of Gift-Giving

As an eager young freshman at the University of Rochester, I had my heart set on a degree in Anthropology and enrolled in Anthro 101 my first semester. To this day, it stands out as one my favorite classes in college, and I continue to believe that Anthro 101 should be a required class for …

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Learning to Live in a Joint-Family System

Living with my in-laws during this Pongal trip has meant experiencing the joint-family system first-hand. It is a way of life that is so foreign to the individualistic, capitalistic society of the United States, and though I can appreciate the values of communal living and tend to disavow individualized capitalism in principle, the practice of …

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Wedding Preparations, Part 1: Logistics

In the U.S., the time and care and planning that you put into a wedding is culturally amplified as highly crucial. We have professional wedding planners, thematic Pinterest pages, mail-order magazines, and trade shows. There’s not only Say Yes To The Dress (classic) but also that really weird and recently-renewed TV show Four Weddings, where …

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