Learning to Live in a Joint-Family System

Living with my in-laws during this Pongal trip has meant experiencing the joint-family system first-hand. It is a way of life that is so foreign to the individualistic, capitalistic society of the United States, and though I can appreciate the values of communal living and tend to disavow individualized capitalism in principle, the practice of …

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A House in the Village

Since I left Pondicherry last July, I’ve been trying to think how to continue this blog while living in New York. They aren’t exactly Postcards from Pondicherry if I’m writing from New York, so I’m considering how I might restructure the format and goals of the blog. But for now, I’m back in Pondicherry for …

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Wedding Preparations, Part 1: Logistics

In the U.S., the time and care and planning that you put into a wedding is culturally amplified as highly crucial. We have professional wedding planners, thematic Pinterest pages, mail-order magazines, and trade shows. There’s not only Say Yes To The Dress (classic) but also that really weird and recently-renewed TV show Four Weddings, where …

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